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We are a home-based business using our 40+ years of Retail Experience to bring you quality products in the Craft, Gift, and Stationery categories. We spent 18 years owning and operating a real store offering sales and service in the Vacuum and Small Appliance industry. We closed that store in 1989 after surviving 2 Recessions. (We could not survive the 3rd.)

We opened this online Store in 2003 as a way to supplement our income while between jobs after the Internet bubble and recession of 2001/2002. We have sold on eBay for that time, serving over 25,000 customers with a nearly perfect Feedback record.

We carry the same commitment to service and satisfaction here.

About Our Name

Our name, BobbiBopStuff came about because we were looking for a name to use on our eBay Store. Our Gramma and Grampa names are "Bobbi" for Sandi, and "Bop" for John. Naturally, we sell "Stuff".

About Bobbi (Sandi)

Sandi spent 15 years as the Western Regional Manager for the Current Company. She managed all the Outlet stores they had in Oregon and California.

She also spent most of those years as a Buyer for those same stores, visiting vendors in the Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Dallas, TX markets. Her specialty is finding great bargains that you will love.

About Bop (John)

John spent 15 years as a Management Consultant and Project Manager for the Auto, Fax Business, and Telecom Industry. He is skilled at doing all the back-office work on this store.

About Our Merchandise

Most of our merchandise is Brand-New. (If not, we clearly state it.) We buy from Importers, Close-out Brokers, and Manufacturers.

Some of our merchandise is Brand New, but left over from the Current Factory Outlets when they closed on the West Coast. You can find it buy searching for "Current" in the Manufacturers area.

Much of our merchandise is Brand New for Craft Tools and Scrapbooking Supplies.

Our Commitment to You

We commit to providing excellent online service. We offer Good Quality Products at a Fair Price. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, please let us know so we can fix it.

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